More Indecent Exposure
Day four - Comedy Festival

Day three - Comedy

Today was one of contrasts.

Our first show at 11am only had 11 bookings according to Ticketmaster, but we got so many people just turning up to buy tickets at the door we ended up with around 40 or 50. Then the second show was sold out for our sponsors LIGHTFM and we had the HOUSE FULL sign up before anyone arrived. However, we still got about three families and six other people rolling up and LIGHTFM were kind enough to find allow them to sit in on the show as well. Extra chairs were brought in and it was the best show of the season so far.

Tvprofclones'Professor Googalfitz', a character I last played on 'Young Talent Time' back in the early 1980's, is really hitting his stride and developing some very funny bits with the kids in the foyer pre-show. 'The Perdentes' are also evolving with Letitia getting people enthralled with her heart-warming "Disco Dream" story.

It's a lot of fun doing the same show in the venue day after day yet having the freedom to modify it whenever and however you choose.

Yes, we'd love a third person to operate our sound and lights for us... maybe a fourth or fifth to carry the props on and off too... hopefully we can add more of those production elements into future seasons at Northcote.

The contrast was this evening's 'SOMETHING ABOUT NEEDLES & RAZORBLADES'. We had a tiny house of only 7 people! (Raymond Hendra and Nigel McCullagh among them).

During 'INSANITY', with 7 people up on stage with me that audience was reduced to TWO PEOPLE!

But surprisingly, despite the fact that 80% of the audience were performers and had some idea of how some of the effects worked, the show played really well and they all stayed back after and chatted saying how much they enjoyed the whole experience.

Fingers crossed word of mouth will spread fast enough and we'll be able to draw some big crowds for the remaining shows because it really is a wonderfully different show to perform.