Day four - Comedy Festival
Saturday shows

Magic Faker of the Month - Simon Crack

Simon Crack seems to be the UK's answer to Dave J Castle (that is, if his WHOIS listing is correct): Administrative Contact:
    Crack, Simon 

    17 Forester Close Pinewood
    Ipswich, Suffolk_England IP8 3TF

He runs a series of exposure sites where he tells anyone and everyone how magic tricks are done.

And his philosophy about exposing magic?

Isn't exposing magic tricks wrong? Well yes and no. I believe if you are giving away the secret just for the sake of it, then yes. For example you show someone a trick then immediately give away the secret - what was the point of that? I'm not here just to crudely expose magic, but to teach people who have an interest in the art.

He adds

It is not intended to be a 'Magic Tricks Exposed' or 'Magic Tricks Revealed' type of site - it's true that I am giving away free Street Magic secrets but I am trusting you as a fellow Magician to keep them between you and me, ok? ;-)

He then offers the secrets off a whole series of marketed effects, created by people like Anders Moden, Sean Fields, plus - just like good old Dave J Castle, he offers "tutorial videos" on effects like Dynamic Coins, Self Folding Bill, Hummer Card.

He's more than happy to reveal other people's secrets, but a little shy about being "revealed" himself. He doesn't speak on the videos, and he doesn't show his face (instead offering us the traditional "magic torso")


However, I was able to locate on video where he does reveal more of himself that he may have intended.

Anti Gravity Water Magic Trick - For more amazing video clips, click here

Like David J he has videos all over the web on Revver, Metacafe, Vimeo and YouTube.

I have written to him, as have many others. Why he does this I have no idea, but he does offer this little insight on his main page:

P.P.S Want to learn a magic trick that lets you build a successful and profitable website like mine? Learn the secret HERE.

So, it appears that the real purpose of his site is to get people to visit it, then (somehow) the more visitors the more money he makes. What better way to attract visitors than reveal other people's secrets.

He has, no surprise, Dave J Castle's site in his web links, but he also has the following magic shops in his links as well. Do they endorse his exposure business? I'll write to them and find out.


strange "Digital Magic Downloads for Purchase"

strange "The UK's leading online magic tricks store!"

strange "The largest magic shop in the midlands!"

strange "Magic tricks and supplies for magicians of all ages and skill levels. At MagicCity USA we offer Amazing Magic,
Fast Shipping and a Free Trick with every purchase!"

And here's a surprise discovery. One of Simon's other free links is to a site called A quick WHOIS search reveals we have our own Australian equivalent based in Albury.


Administrative Contact:
Morgenstein, Jacob

Stedman St.
Albury, NSW 2640
+61 02604133***

(Interestingly enough, there is no Stedman St in Albury, only a Stedman Cr and it happens to be 1 minutes walk from where I used to live in Albury. The White Pages also shows no listing for any Morgenstein in Albury at all).