Feel my pain...

Pamela Anderson aiming for husband number... is anyone keeping count?

Reports all over the internet are saying the same thing:

Pamelaandersonhansklok "She is currently going through a divorce from her husband Rick Salomon, but that isnt stopping Pamela Anderson from finding love again.

The former Baywatch Babe has a new man in her life, Dutch magician Hans Klok, with whom she flew to Berlin to assist him with one of his television performances Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel.

At a press conference in Berlin, Anderson was not only cuddling Klok but they even locked lips, reports The Daily Telegraph.

The couple got further intimate, with Klok picking the 40-year-old actress up with a red rose in his mouth and spinning her around.

Anderson, who married Salomon last October in a quick ceremony in Las Vegas, filed for divorce nearly four months later."

The more cynical might suggest it's a publicity stunt. As for me, after looking at the "lip locks" in these pictures, I think they still need a little more rehearsal... as Maxwell Smart might say "Missed it by that much!"