Magic Faker of the Month - Simon Crack
Sunday night at The Comedy Festival

Saturday shows

Yesterday's daytime shows were great with Sue-Anne especially getting some tremendous compliments about her performance of the Floating Table and her stage presence.

In the evening however, though we had a reasonable crowd of 15 for the RAZORBLADE show, it was a very odd night.

First, when Sue-Anne introduced the show, no-one applauded. I finished the opening effect of (Razorblade Eating) and no-one applauded. They were all enjoying the show, but for whatever reason, just sat back and watched. It pointed out the crucial importance of audience response in the show. On previous nights we've even gotten "whoops" and "yeahs" which really spur me on, but working to attentive silence was really tough.

What made it even worse was the fact that my Needle Thru Arm failed last night. It wouldn't "go through" if you know what I mean... I just pretended it had but didn't show the actual penetration. Sam Powers was in the audience and he was very complimentary about the way I just carried on as if that was the way it was presented every night.

Then I had trouble with 'Fleshwound' which almost resulted in me really slicing my arm open, and I had another near miss with the knife through finger!

When we got to 'Insanity' where I ask for six volunteers I feared the worst, having had no audible reaction to that point, but two people immediately got up and came up onto the stage! Then another two, another one, and finally one more... very odd indeed.

Finally, at the end of the show, there was a big round of applause and a few cries of "Fantastic!".

Tonight, we need to make it clear to the audience they're not watching TV...