Saturday shows
The Magic Thief

Sunday night at The Comedy Festival

No ILLUSIONARIUM shows today, just RAZORBLADES at night.

To be honest, we were reluctant to do a show at all, in fact the show that's on before us in the same theatre cancelled at the last moment when only three people turned up. But we had two Ticketmaster bookings so we thought we should honour the commitment they made to us by booking in advance.

In the end, we had 6 in the audience (which was 300% better than the show in the larger theatre last night!) and we all had a good night. INSANITY was reduced from six volunteers crushing one bag each, to one volunteer crushing five.

I think he must have really felt anxious during that scene because when Sudoku told him to tie me up he really took it out on me! He handcuffed my hands between my legs and ran chain, very tightly, all around my body so I was hunched up.

Then, when he was instructed to put the plastic bag over my head and tape it around my neck, he was reluctant at first then went mad with the tape - he did about four or five around my neck then taped the bag to my chin, then over my mouth... once again, I was very close to not escaping at all, let alone getting out in time for the final scene. But... if I'm going to put myself in that situation who am I to complain...

Friends Tim You, Tristan and John Cairns were in the audience. John agreed the show was definitely very different to ILLUSIONARIUM and they all said they had a good time. Tim and Tristan said it's hard to know when to applaud because a lot of the scenes aren't structured like traditional magic tricks... so I either need to restage some of them or just let the audience enjoy them in their own way.

We get a break from RAZORBLADES tomorrow with just two ILLUSIONARIUM performances and an evening off!