Saturday - Comedy Festival
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Comedy Festival - Wrapped for another year

Well it's all over.

Just did the last Razorblade show tonight and, though we had zero bookings through Ticketmaster, we still ended up with 9 people in the audience! (Now I know why the other shows in our venue ended their seasons last night...)

Unfortunately, no pics to share of the Razor show, and most of the ILLUSIONARIUM pics came out a bit fuzzy.. so here are a few to give you a little idea of what we got up to:


The show began with Sue-Anne appearing from 'The Illusionarium'. (You can see the Professor in the background on the left).


The Perdentes were "special guests" and this is a great (though fuzzy) shot of Alfonso Perdente in full flight.


Here's a better shot of Alfonso ("He speaks no English, so forgive")


Letitia Perdente singing "I will survive".


Yes, we finished with our own unique version of the Sub Trunk... why is this photo in focus and so many other, much better pics, blurry... hmmm