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Comedy Festival - Thursday

Today we just did two ILLUSIONARIUM shows then took the night off to go to Ballarat and see COSENTINO do his full evening theatre show at Her Majesty's Theatre.

(Though, the Herald-Sun will probably say we cancelled tonight's performances of SOMETHING ABOUT RAZORBLADES & NAILS because we killed an audience member or maybe I suffocated to death in the final escape!)

Our 11am show had quite a lot of advance bookings, and then another 44 people rolled up and booked at the door! The 2pm show was equally full. Not bad considering this article which says ticket sales at this year's Comedy Festival are down massively on last year. (This time last year they'd sold 400,000 tix, this year they've only flogged 170,000).

The shows went well, but the physicality of them is starting to take it's toll. Both Sue-Anne and I are starting to creak and groan between shows (though the sub trunk is getting even faster in spite of that) and Sue-Anne especially will be very happy at 3pm on Saturday afternoon when she doesn't have to appear from that Smoke Chamber again!

Cosentino's show was very impressive. Over two hours of magic, illusions and escapes all with a backdrop of spectacular lighting effects. At only 23 years old and already producing his own touring shows, he's definitely on the way to being a major player in magic in Australia. Take a look at his new website here.