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The current state of magic

How do we proceed from here?

Over the last six months the exposure of magic on the web and the illegal trade in file sharing has been growing as more and more consumers find the internet easier to access.

Many magicians argue that it's pointless to try to stop these exposure and file sharing sites so why bother trying to fight them.

Of course, they offer no solutions.

How do we, as magicians proceed from here?

1 - Producers of Magic DVDS.

As soon as you release a new magic DVD you can bet it will be on the web and available for easy download within 24 hours. (And pirated copies will be on sale in magic stores in certain countries, magicians will be burning copies for their friends to swap for other burned magic DVDs, and magic club members will be borrowing their club's library copy instead of buying it for themselves).

This means instead of getting a small return on an investment of several thousand dollars (most DVD creators get about $10-12 from the sale of every DVD and if they sell 1000 it's considered a big hit) they make a loss.


  1. Produce "no budget" home made DVDs and hope you'll sell enough to make a few hundred bucks.
  2. Stop producing magic DVDs altogether.
  3. Fight the pirates.

2 - Producers of Magic Tricks.

Same deal. Come up with a trick that uses no gimmick, and your manuscript will appear all over the internet as soon as you sell one.

Come up with a trick that uses a gimmick and an unscrupulous dealer will send a copy to a factory in China and flood the market with cheap copies of your trick and your potential sales will drop dramatically.

Others, who actually think this is the right thing to do, will buy your trick then post a video "tutorial" on the web of themselves explaining exactly how your trick works.


  1. Only sell to people you trust, or those who are willing to sign a binding legal agreement.
  2. Give away your tricks free to magic magazines (where they remain hidden forever).
  3. Stop producing magic tricks for sale.
  4. Fight the pirates.

3 - Performers of Magic.

As soon as you perform on stage someone will film you without your knowledge and it will appear on YouTube (or a similar site) and people will post explanations of your tricks in the comments section - or a 10 year old kid will edit your clip inserting explanations and helpful arrows pointing out exactly how you did it.

If you make an appearance on TV or post a promo video on the web, the same thing will happen.

The other side effect is that, as soon as your video appears on the web other performers will copy your style, your tricks and your presentations.


  1. Don't ever allow any of your performances to be filmed, (almost impossible if you entertain any groups bigger than 100) and don't ever go on TV or make a promo video.
  2. Stop performing magic.
  3. Fight the pirates.