Telemarketers - standover tactics
How do we proceed from here?

HTC - touched up

Also on the subject of mobile phones, a few weeks ago my HTC Touch got a cracked screen. I didn't drop it or thump it, it just cracked while it was in my pocket.

I took it to Telechoice in Northcote where I bought it and they phoned someone up and quoted me $180 to repair it. I thought that was too much, so last week I went to Optusworld Preston, they quoted me $240. (Note, though it seems I got these quotes quickly, remember they are mobile phone sellers. Most of the time I was in their stores I stood around waiting while they spent what seemed like an eternity serving their other customer without even acknowledging my existence... how these businesses ever sell anything is beyond me!)

Anyway, I went back to Telechoice Northcote. They denied ever having quoted the repair. They said they could get a quote for me but it would have to be tomorrow. Today I received a call. $250 if I repair it through Optus, or $300 to $400 elsewhere.

"What would you like to do?"

"Well, I came in after being quoted $180. I explained I'd been quoted $240 elsewhere and I felt that was way too much and I asked you to give a competitive quote."

"Do you want us to go ahead and repair the phone?"

"But your price is even higher than Optusworld."

"What would you like to do?"

"I'll come collect my phone!"

Is there a special training school telephone sales people attend where they drum all customer service abilities out of them??!! Or is it some sort of bizarre reverse sales technique where they think they'll sell more if they feign complete disinterest in the customer?