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One down, fifty thousand and nine to go...

Good news today that one exposure website has been forced to close it's doors, thanks to legal action by James Clark of Black's magic. The exposers were also "sharing" magic videos they purchased with all the members of their site. James was able to track them down and hit them with legal action. Strangely enough, they still don't think they were doing anything wrong.

I purchased a DVD called "Holy Grail" from Black's Magic Group. Once I purchased this DVD I made a post on the forum in the VIP saying "I got this today, will upload when arrives". Well, it appeared that the owner of Black's Magic Group (James L. Clark) was registered here and was VIP. He saw my post and cross-examined his orders. I then received a call from James Clark 1 week later. He contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and threatened to contact my college.

I tried to play buddy-buddy with him, however his downloads kept showing up, and his demands soon became irrational. I didn't want him to continuously to have the upper hand. After being visited by an FBI agent at my home, I really sat down and thought about the situation. After some thinking I realized I did nothing wrong and I was protected by laws. I contacted two lawyers, (one in Chicago IL and one in Miami FL). Both lawyers guaranteed me getting off without anything on my record and the site could remain ONLINE. Now comes the hard part, I asked the lawyer how much it would cost me. They both ranged from 500-900 USD per hour. I myself do not have this kind of money, and am already backed up in server payments. On the other hand James Clark has plenty of it.

So as many of you can see, this is my situation. I will keep the FORUM and the WEBSITE open, but the downloads will be removed from the server. It may take time to convert a few things, but hopefully within the first week of removing the downloads the site will be running smoothly again.

What will I do for you?
- I will be more then happy to archive and compile all links for you and post it for download. Therefor anything previously posted in the past can be obtained.
- Refund any donations of users who feel that I "stole" their money.
-Leave the majority of the site open for users to converse about magic related material.
-Convert the site to a "Learn Magic Tricks" style, so users are still able to expose methods and learn, just no copyrighted material.
-Try to get all members a place over at Art of Misdirection.

They also mentioned they were upset by the comments of another magic exposure website, and because of that, they're going to dob the owners of the other website into the FBI (it's great, like dominos knocking each other over!)

Someone has brought to my attention that NeoMagician has posted about this, thats cool, however after reading the posts by NeoMagicians users I was extremely displeased! Just about every member of NeoMagician was happy! They where cheering and praising ExoMagic for being shut down!

I am baffled at this, I know that if NeoMagician was shut down NONE of our members would do anything of that sort, or at least I would hope not.

I noticed one of their users posted, "must have been karma". Well, here is where karma comes in and bites WagetheWar in the ass. I never did anything to NeoMagician nor WagetheWar, therefor no karma for me. However WagetheWar did take my money from my donation and ban me from the site, want to know what karma is a bitch? I have all of WagetheWar's personal information.

I have been in close contact with the same Federal Agent that contacted me, James L. Clark, and his college in Tennessee (Middle Tennessee State University). Wage, or shall I say Nic, you will be hearing from me in the near future.

Readinging the post gives some insight to the warped perspective these guys have. Their world is a very different place.