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Comedy Festival - Wrapped for another year

Saturday - Comedy Festival

Saturday's 11am ILLUSIONARIUM show was absolutely packed out with a really excited audience. Almost 60 walk-ups meant we brought a few extra chairs in to cater for everyone. It was great to see the Cohens in the audience, along with Cassie Nichol's from LIGHTFM with her family. The whole show was so energetic we almost forgot we had one more to do.

We had no idea if the 2pm show would be even more crowded, but in the end it came pretty close with only a few empty seats. The only downer was one of the speakers playing up and crackling so much that Sue-Anne had to turn it off near the end of the show. Other than that, we both survived the ILLUSIONARIUM season.

People kept telling us over and over how great it was that they could bring the whole family to a show that was clean, magical and hilarious, and kept asking when we'd be doing it again. Well, we have no firm plans as yet but STAY TUNED!

After the 2pm show we bumped out some of our illusions and then returned to set up the 9pm SOMETHING ABOUT NEEDLES & RAZORBLADES. Brendan Croft returned for his third serving of the show (several others saw it twice... but one lady saw ILLUSIONARIUM four times! She kept returning and bringing new friends!)

The show again went very well, and each night the combination of my slightly varied performance and the different audience ends up creating a different atmosphere. It's quite an amazing show to do.

Justin Davenport, a magic student from way back, was in the audience too and he got to throw the dice during INSANITY.

One final performance of SOMETHING ABOUT NEEDLES & RAZORBLADES tonight (Sunday) and then it's back to reality with corporate gigs and private parties.

I found out it was Derryn Hinch talking about the "horribly wrong" incident on 3AW. I sent him an email asking if he'd like to know what really happened last Sunday night... let's see if the truth just gets in the way of a good story or not!