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The current state of magic

Following is a post from a magic exposure forum by one of it's members analysing the current state of magic. I thought it might give readers an insight into the next generation of magicians.

Not many of you may know me yet but most of you can call me Kevin. I've been into magic for anout 5 years or so if you count the days of those gimmick kits my mom gave me and a couple of sad card tricks i invented in elementry school. Anyways I think i know enough about magic to tell about is current state and how is evolving and blending into mainstream media. So grab a sandwich, don't get bored and read this dang thing.

As many of you know Street Magic is popularize by David Blaine, and boy did that ever got laymens back into enjoying magic. I was mystify by his peformances, while my mother and father was just clearly blown away. This was the first step taken back magic to the mainstream audiences, or as i like to call it. "Big Bang" of magic. While some may diagree with me not many can deny blaine's impact on laymens today.

The next big step as i see it is the internet which brought many newcomers to our art and at the same time brought an unimaginable amount of masked magicians or 7 year olds with webcams. Now while i think exposure is not an entirely bad thing, overexposure to the public causes our art to be less memorable and appreciative. I understand like music and painting a few bad apples won't hurt. But magic is like a puzzle for so many that curiosity won't let them stop trying to find out the secret and that is when the problem gets a bit weary.Yet the internet had brought magicinas closer as a community and made some artist that we never heard of superstars in the community.

The new generation of magic i see try so hard to make the craft serious. I know 1st hand because eventhouhg i have sudy the art before i could even attend school im still part of this generation.But for some reason eventhough the new generation booms on the internet they seem to lack performance drive. What i mean by that is i barely see any magicians peform on the street and i live in L.A. We canot present all our art in web 2.0 and i think the type of people we are attracting to magic aren't the social type.

So magic made is leaps and bounds. Yet magicians feel our art is still misunderstood, to underated, and people don't recgonize it as art. Well Get over it!!!! We made magic mainstream and those big steps we took to get here proves is art.
Music is art but some don't think so, exactly he same as magic. So stop saying just because people don't think magic is art doesn't mean it isn't don't take it so personally, and go show off that deck of cards of yours. 52 pieces of paper doesn't work the miracles you do.