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James Clark's mission statement

The final word on the exposure site

The owner of the exposure site (Mr Exo) tried to post a comment here on the blog. Well, it wasn't really a comment, more an ad for his site where he asked us to go to a certain thread in his forum where they would "enjoy having a civilized conversation."

On that thread he attribute quotes to the wrong people, corrects my spelling of 'realise' to 'realize' (he's based in Germany), and he agrees that what he's been doing is illegal, but justifies it like this:

"Illegally downloading magic does not make you any less of a magician, but I will agree, you are participating in something that is illegal. However, in the Ohio, USA, it is illegal to sleep in bed with your shoes on, so I guess that would make anyone who sleeps in bed with shoes a vigilante?"

When Sue-Anne states: "You are NOT the magic industry!" he misunderstands and defends himself as belonging to the magic industry, missing her point completely:

"I would like to correct you, I AM a magic publisher. I run two other websites, one which sells magic products, and one that develops magic. I have released 3 effects on DVD and sell 12. So technically I would like to classify myself as being part of the magic industry. I am sure you never been to the site, but I released every one of my tricks here FREE."

When James Clark is mentioned by Justin Robert Young is mentioned, he responds:

"He actually fueled me to expose magic more...He was successful in stopping 1 person, and the only reason he was successful was due to the fact that he wouldn't stop harassing me with phone calls and emails. If I wanted to, I would have been able to successfully take Mr. Clark to court and winning the case. I simply don't have $10,000 just laying around, he does. Magic pays well..."

Obviously magic doesn't pay well for Mr Exo, especially if he releases his tricks free.

His rebuttal to my comment: "By giving away DVDs that OTHER PEOPLE have spent time and money creating in order that they can sell them to buy FOOD for their families, you are doing EXACTLY THAT!" is irrelevent at best:

"Ahh, obviously you don't keep up with your magic news. Did you miss the part of Justin Miller being accused of stealing magic methods? Or maybe you missed out on the release of "Digital Dissolve" from Theory11 when they ripped off Steve Dusheck. People need to also not rely on selling magic for income. Just like in any other market, you need to expect a loss and risk it through a gamble."

(For the record, Theory 11 resolved the issue with Steve).

He continues to argue that people should be allowed to pirate DVDs because the cost of shipping is so expensive and some companies don't ship to certain countries:

"Have you ever purchased multiple effects? I know I have. They are overprices and range from 20-60 dollars (USD). Have you ever had to pay 20 bucks in shipping for a .43 cent DVD? Doubt it... Thats a lot of money for someone on a limited budget."

His response to being accused a thief:

"I do consider myself a thief and feel quite bad for it, still doesn't change anything."

Then he continues his "civilsed conversation" saying:

"If I called you a gaggly-toothed fagot because you wear that o-so queer jacket, or maybe that "thing" you call a wife, would that be fair? No, I would be labeling you without knowing you. I would appreciate if you got to know me first."

And he wonders why I don't want to get to know him?

"I bet your not even in this little bunch of publishers and you have the audacity to call me a jerk? I donate money to charity organizations, what do you do? Perform magic and sell stuff on a website?...."

So, I guess this means because he donates money to charity I should give him a free pass to do whatever he likes? Is that what he's trying to say?

Remember how he told us earlier that "If you would read into it our user base was 80% 3rd world countries," that seems to have changed:

"The majority of my members are very well renowned artists that have their identities hidden."

(Which is different to his comment in another thread from a few months ago: "I wish I had arguing professional magicians on my board... ")

And he tries a new argument to defend internet exposure:

"You going to a seminar or conference is the exact same thing as exposing something on the internet... If not clear me up on it."

Someone like to spell it out to him?

He then says this:

"I would almost guarentee that my site would have had the same success if it was purely presentation and had no exposure. (which is what we are sculpting it into). "

That's encouraging at least. Well, more encouraging than a comment he made on another thread about his site: "I don't think anyone here would be buying anyones' trick anytime soon if you know what I mean *wink*."

He also has an odd view of piracy and the music industry:

"If you would do your homework the "music agency" is counting on the piracy to boost their ratings."

In response to my statement: "Listen, if the creators of DVDs WANT to offer you a "try before you buy service" let THEM decide. " he again misses the point:

"Hazzah! You brought it up! No, they won't and don't. They are in the magic business for the money, and that is the true answer. If they earned no money they would be in the same predicament many of my members are in. Giving people "free" previews or examples allows them to decipher and figure out the tricks. Recently you will notice many many publishers not showing the full effect or limited its angles so you can barely see whats going on. They do this because they are trying to sell you an object...If you want to go after someone for truly exposing tricks go after the publishers, they sell to anyone! I actually scan and make sure magicians are getting my tricks."

Needless to say his members are thrilled with his clever responses and say things like:

  • "Well responded Exo! I back you 110% on it."
  • "Lol!! Yes!! Pwned!!! Xd"
  • "Your replies are well written and you definately thought about each one, Exo. I totally agree with you in every point."
  • "i've read it exo...u rox!!!"

And a direct response to Sue-Anne:

"=> you and f*** yourself, you got owned by the internet b*tch"

So much for the "civilised conversation".

Anyway, it's become very obvious that this site is yet another populated by teenagers and students who like to collect secrets, but don't want to spend any money doing it. They feel that DVDs and secrets should all be free, probably because they are supported by their parents and have limited expenses.

Keith Raygor on the Genii Forum summed it up nicely saying: "I think the kids will come around to the system quicker and more-so than the system will come around to the kids, regardless of how loudly they scream for more of what isn't theirs."

We can only hope he's right because, as we see here, trying to debate with them is as effective as trying to herd cats.