Tonight's show
Wednesday - Comedy Festival

Was anybody hurt?

I've been getting calls from The Herald-Sun about our show 'SOMETHING ABOUT NEEDLES & RAZORBLADES'. Apparently there's a rumour going around that someone from the audience was seriously hurt during our show and I made everyone sign secrecy agreements before they were allowed to leave.

Now people do get hurt during the show - on screen - in the video prelude to INSANITY (maybe they got confused between what they saw on the screen and what they saw on stage) - but as far as I know no-one (other than me!) has been hurt seriously or otherwise during my show. (Someone in the audience did have a seizure, but that was in the show next door).

As far as secrecy agreements go, we will not require anyone to sign anything, either secrecy agreements or waivers, when attending the show so please feel free to come along.

We do encourage people not to reveal the content of the show, and to keep it secret as a surprise for future audience members, but we won't make you sign anything... unless you look like Dave J Castle! ;)