Was anybody hurt?
Magic trick went horribly wrong - did it?

Wednesday - Comedy Festival

This morning's ILLUSIONARIUM show was very weird... only about 25 people! Our smallest crowd ever. It may have been, in part, to the insane windy weather we had today here in Melbourne. (I know at least one group who couldn't get to our afternoon show because the road was blocked).

Anyway, it was like doing a really, really elaborate family birthday party... then in the afternoon, with only 20 expected, we ended up with almost 60! How can you run a business like this? ;)

It was great to see Anthony DeMasi, Brendan Croft and Lee Cohen in the audience this afternoon too. Brendan brought his family and the kids had a ball.

Brendan and Lee returned to see SOMETHING ABOUT NEEDLES & RAZORBLADES at 9pm, and also in the audience were Les Cohen, Kamal Bhushan and Simon Coronel. Kamal ended up getting the opportunity to tape the plastic bag over my head in the finale escape. "You're living the dream!" cried Brendan, and Kamal really went to town with the tape! (This trick is getting just a little too dangerous!)

Despite the fact that magicians and magicians friends out numbered non-magicians, there were still a number of very tense moments in the show. (One for me, for different reasons, was the trick 'Flesh Wound'. Somehow one of the secret bits of the trick had disappeared and I had to improvise a new method! I got by... JUST... but it was very fiddly)

No evening show tomorrow night, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are starting to book up which is sensational! In a way, I'll be sad when this season of RAZORBLADES ends, but I think various parts of my body will probably breathe a sigh of relief!