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Young Talent Time!


I came across a Young Talent Time fansite today and on it they listed the contents of the last 8 years of episodes. It was fascinating to see just how many magicians appeared on TV from 1980 to 1988 thanks to that show. (It would be very interesting to see who appeared on the episodes from 1971 to 1980).

Unfortunately the website doesn't list the names of contestants, just what they did, and there were plenty of magicians! (Myself, Duck Cameron, Paul Bowen, and so many others).

So, take a look at this who's who of magicians (I wonder if anyone has ALL of these performances on tape?) and I know it's not complete but it's fascinating nonetheless:

  • Ross Skiffington (14 times)
  • Mr Rainbow (2 times)
  • Christof!!
  • Arthur Coghlan (2 times)
  • Red the Clown (2 times)
  • Ricki Ozimo
  • Laurie Kelly
  • Fungo Chutney (4 times)
  • Loris Purcell (2 times)
  • Mickey the Clown (Mike Wilton)
  • Dotto the Clown (4 times)
  • Super Hubert (7 times)
  • Sam Angelico (6 times)
  • Elio Simonetti (3 times)
  • Ray Crowe (3 times)
  • Tim Ellis (4 times)
  • Tim as Prof Googlefitz (7 times)
  • Phil Cass (2 times)
  • Fingers DeMain
  • Duck Cameron
  • Nicko the Clown
  • Scott Williams (2 times)
  • Tom Ogden (for Magic Week)
  • Timothy Hyde
  • Sean Tretheway (2 times)
  • Ian McKellar
  • Andrew Gill
  • Ian Buckland
  • Terry McSweeney
  • Michael Boyd