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Big Announcement from The Australian Institute of Magic


The Australian Institute of Magic is a brand new association in Australia.

We are announcing the launch of the AIM website this weekend. Please take a look at:

Members of the former 'Magic Unlimited Group Sessions' - MUGS for short - decided to become an association earlier this year. It is the only organisation representing FISM in the Oceania region. The AIM website will become the ultimate resource on magic for agents, historians, magicians, businesses, media researchers and the general public. It is already a focal point for international liaison within the magic community.

The organisation represents the FISM code of ethics and the members are dedicated to promoting and developing the art of magic with view to raising the standard of magic in Australia.

The website is in its early stages of development, but already has a vast array of information covering many aspects of magic, including:

* Information on FISM
* Weblinks to magicians, clubs, blogs, shops, magazines
* Magic learning data base
* Tips for event planners
* Booking facility for AIM magicians
* Upcoming events... including meetings, shows, lectures and media appearances all over Australia
* Australian magic award winners - both national and international awards
* Gallery of photos, videos and press articles
* AIM merchandise
* Articles on all aspects of magic by AIM members
* Online AIM forum... plus lots more.

We encourage Australian magicians to let us know if they are having a public event, a magic meeting or convention that we don't know about to be added to the 'events calendar'... and help us fill in the 'blanks' - like award winners that have not been mentioned.

Please take a look at our site... it will be constantly updated as the Australian Institute of Magic evolves.

Sue-Anne Webster
President - Australian Institute of Magic