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Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure

Lawrenceleung Conratulations to Lawrence Leung who, as was announced last week, has started filming his own 6 part ABCTV series 'Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure'.

Magicians will know Lawrence from his solo show 'Sucker', which explored cons, scams and magic tricks, and from his hilarious fake lecture on 'The Double Lift' he created and presented at the 2004 Australian Magic Convention.

Lawrence has also performed several other festival shows including 'Skeptic', 'The Marvellous Misadventures of Puzzle Boy', and 'Lawrence Leung Learns to Breakdance' (which recently won 'Best Local Performer' at the Cracker Comedy Festival). He's also been a regular on 'In Serbia Tonight' and appeared on 'The Chaser' (who are producing his new TV series).