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Dale Robbins

Petrol at a premium

Petrol On the way to the show last night I needed to stop and fill up the van or there was no way I'd make it.

Driving along Bell St, the first petrol station I saw was $1.39.9 with a 4c coupon discount bringing it down to $1.35.9. But it was on the wrong side of the road so I drove on.

I almost gasped when I saw the next station a minute down the road. It was $1.62.9, but what was even more amazing was the station opposite was charging $1.39.9 - that 23c per litre cheaper!

Two minutes down the road I saw two more stations at $1.49.9 and $1.59.9, but then I stopped in at a Safeway station offering $1.39.9 with a 4c discount + a further 4c if you spent $2 in store.

31c per litre difference.

Astonishing stuff.

And why the price hik? According to the paper today, the price of petrol in Singapore reached a record high and, for some reason Australia uses that as a benchmark. So though the petrol in the reserves of the stations in Bell St had already been paid for, the profit margin increased massively!