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Pretending to be normal

PretendingIt's been quite a busy time since my birthday. We've been organising a special event for later this year, setting up and launching the Australian Institute of Magic web site, spending time with Danny Archer, working on some new material, preparing a new version of Hollywood:Live with Mat Unwin and Ben Whimpey, host a poker night and performing a few shows.

We have had one or two goes on the Wii Fit (which is GREAT) but I haven't had time to watch any DVDs or read any of the books I got for my birthday yet. I did get started on one I ordered for myself though, and it's quite amazing.

The book is 'Pretending to be Normal - Living with Asperger's Syndrome', It's written by a woman who discovered she had Asperger's after one of her daughter's was diagnosed with the condition. The diagnosis helped her (as it's helped me) make sense of a lot of odd behaviour in her past.

I'll give you one excerpt which I can definitely relate to and those who know me will probably say "Yep, that's Tim alright!"

"It was easy for me to give my opinions on things, virtually all the time. I was by far the most blunt and outspoken of our group, even when friends suggested I had gone too far. I never knew how far was too far. Even now, I cannot find one reliable reason for keeping my thoughts to myself. The world seems fickle on this point. Sometimes people want an opinion, sometimes they do not. Sometimes they say something so incredible an opinion has to be given. Other times they sit in silence seemingly unaware of the situation that lies before them. The entire dichotomy is too confusing. I do not see how anyone can ever know with any degree of certainty when they should voice their thoughts and when they can keep them silent. Sure, I often find myself wondering if I have said too much or worrying that I have been misunderstood. Sometimes I even wish I had not said what I did. But I realised long ago that it would be easier to stop a dog going for a bone, than it would be for me to stop thoughts escaping from my mouth."