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I've been having issues with my mobile phone (haven't we all) but I thought you might be amused by the telecommunication industry's concept of time.

I'm sure you're all familiar with trying to phone Optus or Telstra and the ironic "Your call is important to us" message they play repeatedly during the 30-40 minutes it takes before you get to speak to a "real" person (who then promptly quizzes you to ascertain that it "really is you" before putting you on hold in order for you to get quizzed again by the next person).

Anyway, a few weeks ago I'd had enough of one particular Telechoice store and I tried to lodge a complaint with head office. After a few days I was given the phone number, and on calling I was told I had to email the complaint in writing. I did that. But the email kept bouncing back.

The receptionist, who was very helpful, explained they'd been having trouble with their email and gave me her private email address with assurance she'd pass it on to the relevant person.

A day or two later (May 13) I got this email.

Hi Mr Ellis,
          Thank you for you email.  

I have passed this onto David Rochford who is the state manager for Victoria. He will be in contact within two business working days to discuss with you and to help resolve the situation.

By May 17 I emailed her letting her know David had not contacted me... and so it has gone on every two days ever since. In all fairness though, perhaps David Rochford, being a State Manager, only works every now and then... maybe he's only had one working day since May 13.

Ah, life must be wonderful in the crystal coated fantasy land where money falls from the trees with no effort reqiured that is the world of Telecommunication.

(By the way, my HTC Touch phone is STILL broken and I'm still waiting a quote on how much it will cost to get it repaired. Today marks DAY 60 since it broke).

Here is another Telechoice Tale, and one more to prove I'm not the only one this sort of thing happens to.