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"He's the best I've ever seen!"

A new approach to Telemarketing?

Brendan Croft told me about this Telemarketing call he got last night.
His daughter Hannah answered, listened to the Indian chap on the line, shrugged and handed to it to Brendan.
The Telemarketer began his plea for Brendan to switch phone companies and Brendan explained:

"I just changed phone company so I'm not interested"

"I would ask you to listen, my humble request"

"Well it's no point as I'm not going to change companies again so soon"

"Well go to hell"   *click*

I got one today too. The chap told me I was the manager of the company, then after I called out to Sue-Anne

"It's him again, he's called back, can we trace the call?"

He replied

"Are you stupid or something?"  *click*