Sue-Anne on the radio last night
The payment's been approved!

Crown Casino prints it's own money

I read in the paper the other day about how Crown Casino is getting the wrong end of the stick just because it's rewritten the rules of various casino games to increase the odds in favour of themselves.

Now some people have suggested that, if any other casino in the world tried to do that, there'd be outrage.

They even suggested that... somehow... the Victorian State Government allows Crown to get away with anything!

Almost implying they are above the law!

During the Grand Prix earlier this year I saw this display at the cinema entrance to the gaming floor of Crown Casino.


Yes, it's a car with thousands of dollars in cash coming out of it's exhaust.


So obviously, as Crown Casino would never do anything even the slightest bit against the law, it must now be legal to photocopy money here in Australia.