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Light FM dinner

Last week ended up being quite busy for us, but the highlight was definitely performing at the LIGHT FM Fundraising Dinner in Toorak.

It was a great night of entertainment and an opportunity to catch up with quite a few people we hadn't seen in years.

Around 7.45 did a brief 20 minute spot featuring the microphone levitation, toast, floating table and the arms routine with Peter Hitchener as 'The Great Whammo'. He was a great sport and a huge hit with the crowd.

Also on the bill were The Melbourne Gospel Choir and band Grace Note plus, of course, a host of Light FM on-air personalities.

Surprise guest was Harry Houdidn't who, despite the evening going about 45 minutes longer than originally planned, stilled wowed them at the late time slot of close to 11pm.

Hopefully we'll get some pictures from this event up here very shortly.