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Sue-Anne on the radio last night

Schapelle's Show

Did you watch the documentary 'Schapelle Corby The Hidden Truth' last week on Channel Nine?

At times, I swore it was just another of Chris Lilley's 'We Can Be Heroes' mockumentaries. Some of the characters were so over the top that they had to be parodies...


Did you notice the two distinctly different personalities Schapelle had when A: In front of the court and B: In her cell talking to her defence team? She looked quite genuine discussing how she was going to try to cry to get the sympathy of the Australian public, while on the other hand her court appearances had the sort of authenticity about them you'd only find on quality Aussie shows like 'Neighbours' or 'Home & Away'.

Do you think we'll ever find out what really happened in this saga? Or is this a case where fiction much more exciting than fact?