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So you've read about my ordealings with the Northcote Plaza branch of Telechoice. That's why, when Optus agreed to pay for the repair of my HTC Touch phone, I took the phone to Northland Telechoice instead.

That was on May 19. They also told me how to get in touch with the Telechoice head office to make my official complaint (the State Manager is going to be in touch with me within two business days... they said back in May... they work loooong days there at Telechoice).

Anyway, last Thursday I went in and saw Neville at Northland Telechoice and asked him why I hadn't received a quote for the repair of my phone (see, they won't repair a phone unless a customer approves the quote, it's their policy). He told me that, because Optus is going to pay for the repair, he didn't bother me with a quote. I asked him when I'd get my phone back then as I hadn't heard anything from him since dropping the phone in on May 19. He quickly looked through his book and told me he'd chase it up and call me first thing the next day (last Friday).

Of course, he hasn't called me back.

For a company that deals with communication, Telechoice still has a lot of lessons to learn!