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Can Australia's Most Gifted Pyschic predict the rating winner next Tuesday night?


It starts on Tuesday night, THE ONE, The Search for Australia's Most Gifted Psychic, and already it's embroiled in controversy.

Forget matching ESP cards, duplicating drawings or bending cutlery... apparently the first test the psychics are put through is "Find the body of murdered backpacker Peter Falconio."

I don't think even Uri Geller would go there...  

From the Northern Territory News comes this story from yesterday:

A NEW reality show has taken up the challenge to find the remains of murdered British backpacker Peter Falconio.

About 15 production members of Channel Seven's upcoming series The One arrived at the Ti-Tree Roadhouse, 200km north of Alice Springs, last Monday.

The crew included a group of five psychics determined to connect with the 'spirit' of Peter Falconio.

Roadhouse employee Geoff Grant, 43, said they flew in and out of Barrow Creek by helicopter during their three-day stay.

"They were having seances out there,'' he said. "The lady I spoke to was a psychic. She said they were trying to contact him.

"They believed the site where the kombi was found, that's were the abduction occurred.''

Channel Seven last night confirmed the crew was in the Territory filming for The One.

The new television show, hosted by Andrew Daddo, will challenge seven psychics to showcase their skills and abilities.

The One's expert panel, psychic Stacey Demarco and sceptic Richard Saunders, will decide who stays and who goes every week.

Finding Mr Falconio's missing remains was one of the challenges.

But Mr Grant said the psychic team was unsuccessful in solving the puzzle.

"They were going all day and not coming back before eight o'clock at night,'' he said

"They said he's wandering out there with the Aboriginal spirits.

"I find it difficult to speak to people like that. I'm a bit of a sceptic.''

So do you need to be a psychic to predict who'll win the ratings on Tuesday night 7.30pm? Channel Seven with a group of psychics failing to locate the body of a real person, or Channel Nine with this: