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The World's Second Longest Magic Show!

Last night we were one of MANY acts at a very unusual 60th birthday party. The guest of honour spent three years scouring the country for unusual acts and he certainly outdid himself!

The guests were greeted by a wide selection of strolling entertainers including a living statue, digeridoo player, snake handlers, the Presidents of the ASM and AIM, and even some vintage cars they could have their photos taken in.

From there it was inside the hall and, at 5pm sharp the show began with a drums and pipes band introduced by the compere Greg Evans. We had an Elvis show, cossack dancers, a Liza Minelli tribute, Brazillian Dancers, Warren Jackman doing comedy magic, a girl from 'So You Think You Can Dance', video tributes from AFL identities including Eddie McGuire and Billy Brownless, Australian champion breakdancers Wickid Force, Ben Price as Prince Charles, a 'This Is Your Life' segment with girls jumping out of a cake, a fire show from Chris Morant, a sword swallowerd, Earl Shatford juggling, a fireworks display from Howard and Sons, and of course Sue-Anne and myself doing a 30 minute illusion show.

The show finished after 1am and the audience was attentive for the entire 8 hour show! It was amazing.

Odd sights


With all the security preventing people from bringing knives, needles and nail scissors on the plane, SHARP AIRLINES seems quite ironic.


Do you think they really put a lot of thought into this ad? Your corporate travel bills would be thousands each year, but you'll save enough to take your travel agent to dinner... what? $40-$100? I think I'll shop around..

Victorian Tourism Centre - still scamming after all these years!

Well one of my original posts about the VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE has been reproduced at the Topix Forum HERE and look at all the responses it's generated in just a few days!

It looks like the VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE have had a lot of people who have been naive enough to believe their offers were genuine and actually agreed to purchase the accommodation cards for $139.90.

Now regular blog readers will know that not only are the accommodation offers not quite as good as the prices you get if you book direct with the hotels, but the hotels seem unaware of the vouchers being sold as well. But the VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE is going even further than that! It seems that, when people purchase the vouchers, the VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE simply don't send them anything at all!

Unless you REALLY hassle them, as one of the respondents claims to have done. He was rewarded with vouchers and a VIP card. All of which needed to be activated online and, of course, that turned out to be impossible.

Looks like they also have a new Telemarketing scam going too where they survey you, then call back saying you've won a VIP card which gives you 5% off petrol and groceries (off course, in reality it's accepted nowhere) and costs you only $69.95!

Calling Nicholas J Johnson, Australia's Honest Conman... get to Today Tonight asap and do a story on this massive scam!

David Blaine is hanging around again...

David Blaine's new big stunt will not be staying awake as previously rumoured, he's saving that for later in the year, instead he'll be hanging upside down for a couple of days. (Sparks the Lorikeet is not impressed).


"Daredevil DAVID BLAINE is preparing for a dizzying new stunt - he will hang upside down above New York's Central Park for three days and two nights.

The illusionist will be deprived of food as he is suspended six storeys up on a highwire for his Dive of Death, which will be filmed to air on U.S. TV on 24 September (08).

He will even be forced to sleep upside down.

And members of the public will be invited to interract with the 35 year old.

He says, "There are always some crazy things. I get flashed quite often. Luckily, mostly from girls."

Blaine's previous stunts include spending 44 days in a glass box above London and more than two days encased in an ice block.

He recently made history by holding his breath for more than 17 minutes - and is this year preparing to attempt to break the world record for sleep deprivation."

A quick internet search reveals Blaine may have been preparing for this effect for several years now.

But he's not the only magician who sleeps upside down:

Hanging in the loungeroom 005