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Preview of Criss Angel's 'BELIEVE' (So You Think You Can Dance)

Beijing Olympics vs Beijing FISM

Did you see the astonishing show put on last night to open the Beijing Olympic Games?

The question is... will FISM 2009 be able to top it?

I've been trying to imagine what the FISM organisers must have in store for us next year with the FISM Opening Ceremony...

  • 5000 Chinese Close Up Magicians riffle shuffling simultaneously and rhythmically to create a percussive beat before Frank Wilson comes in with a Chinese version of 'Magic All Over The World'?
  • A ten storey high glowing zombie ball with people dressed as doves flying around it?
  • 500 acrobats

dressed as Vernon and Marlo muscle passing each other all over the stage?

I can't wait!