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Optus pays the bill - YES!

In the last post about my Optus experience, Optus told me to go to an Optus Store and they could call Optus Customer Service and get the Optus Fax number and fax the Optus repair receipt through to Optus.

So today I went to Optus World in Preston.

They had no idea what to do.

They had no idea what the fax number was and said "This is typical of Optus when they don't know what to do, they send customers in to the stores."

I said "It seems like Optus have no idea what they're doing."

"Yes." said the lady, not seeing the irony that she'd just used the Optus catchphrase.

"You say that and you're an Optus dealer" I clarified.

"I know" she agreed.

She set me up at a phone in her store and called Optus Customer Service. The number was wrong.

So I waited while she dealt with the next customer who was waiting, and the one who came into the store a few minutes later, and the one who came in after that.

I felt abandoned.. it was like an instore version of being put on hold and losing your place in the queue.

Eventually she consulted with her manager and they came up with another Optus Customer Service number that actually worked. This time, after speaking to the computer I got through in a record 5 minutes! The person on the other end of the line had no idea what to do.

They asked me to put someone from the store on and, after a bit of a chat, they decided not to bother faxing the receipt because the store lady's word was good enough and the $244 was (allegedly) credited to my bill.

Here's an idea Optus - if it was THAT EASY why didn't you just call Northland Telechoice where the repair was done and ask them how much it cost???

Should Optus customers look for another telecommunications provider?