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From the vault - Telemarketing fun!

Victorian Tourism Centre - still scamming after all these years!

Well one of my original posts about the VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE has been reproduced at the Topix Forum HERE and look at all the responses it's generated in just a few days!

It looks like the VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE have had a lot of people who have been naive enough to believe their offers were genuine and actually agreed to purchase the accommodation cards for $139.90.

Now regular blog readers will know that not only are the accommodation offers not quite as good as the prices you get if you book direct with the hotels, but the hotels seem unaware of the vouchers being sold as well. But the VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE is going even further than that! It seems that, when people purchase the vouchers, the VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE simply don't send them anything at all!

Unless you REALLY hassle them, as one of the respondents claims to have done. He was rewarded with vouchers and a VIP card. All of which needed to be activated online and, of course, that turned out to be impossible.

Looks like they also have a new Telemarketing scam going too where they survey you, then call back saying you've won a VIP card which gives you 5% off petrol and groceries (off course, in reality it's accepted nowhere) and costs you only $69.95!

Calling Nicholas J Johnson, Australia's Honest Conman... get to Today Tonight asap and do a story on this massive scam!