No more lost luggage
Their herbs and spices are not their only secret!

Last night's gig

Had to cut rehearsals short and head off to a gig last night in the city. Just an hour of strolling magic for a group of CPAs. Funny bunch though... there they all are in a pulsing, throbbing nightclub, dancing, mingling talking... and every now and then I'd spot on or two sitting silently at a table in the corner waiting for the whole ordeal to end. One was even sitting at the end of a table reading a book. He actually did look up from his pages while I performed for a group near him, which was nice, and then went back to his private world of solitude.

Anyway, though the gig went fine, I got tricked as well. Usually I can find a park on the street in the city, but this time it was just packed, so I resorted to a parking station. I saw a few offering 'Evening Parking $10', but when I spotted this one I thought it seemed better value as I was only going to be there for just over an hour.


On return I was charged $12... so I checked the sign a little closer... magicians are really easy to fool...