Magic Festival Day 8
Groggy Squirrel - HypSkits

Magic Festival - Day 9

Today kicked off with Kikkii the Klown and a big walk-up crowd for her 9.30am show.

When we arrived just after 10am the crowd was really buzzing and some of the Trick or Treat Magicians were entertaining in the foyer and the atmosphere was great. Almost like a kiddie version of 'The Magic Castle'!

We did our two performances of 'The Wizards of Aus' and took a lunch break between shows with a chap who wants us to bring the show to a gorgeous theatre in country NSW. We also bumped into Jason Varga who was preparing for 'HypSkits'.

As predicted, the 7.30pm performance of 'HypSkits' was a sell out. The audience was enthusiastic and eager to go under. Many did, but Jason had a few very difficult problems to overcome - his mic was constantly crackling, music from the other two theatres was leaking into ours, and there was a crying baby in the audience! Chatting with volunteers later, several said they had felt themselves go under, but snapped out of it when they heard noises that broke their concentration.

After a loooong 30 minutes where Jason was putting people under, and they were snapping back out, Jason sent back all 8 of his volunteers and you could see the pressure building in him. He chose three more and thankfully they all went under so for the rest of the show we saw some good demonstrations of the power of hypnotism.

It was a tough night for Jason though, and he ended his show with some very successful spoon bending.