Magic Festival Day 1
The honest conman in The Age today

Magic Festival Day 2

The days are getting longer... after a very early start to drive down to Bunnings to unsuccessfully try to buy a bigger pulley for chain that we use in the 'Razorblades' show, we headed in to the Town Hall and did our 11am and 2pm performances of 'The Wizards of Aus' (you can even read a review of yesterday's 2pm performance here at 'The Groggy Squirrel')

Following that we did some quick post-mortems of the show, rehearsed with Mat for his (very funny) bits in tomorrow night's 'MagiComedy' and tried to solve a few technical problems at the guys from 'Clown Wars' set up.

We got to sit in a watch their show at 6pm and the clowning was very strong and well received by the audience (especially the kids). The show is really starting to take shape and with a director's eye will become brilliant kids entertainment. The kids already love it, but once it gets really will be sensational!

As soon as 'Clown Wars' was over we had 30 minutes to set up for 'The Catchpenny Club'. I didn't get to see many of the acts as both Sue-Anne and myself were on the bill - Sue-Anne opened the show with her Austin Powers Rings and Blues Brothers Rope Routine, and I closed it with a Dream Prediction, D'Cups & D'Balls, and Runaround Sue (which I haven't performed in ages so I was thrilled at the response it got - especially from non-magicians!)

The house was pretty much full, and along with sideshow performers and a very funny comedian, were magicians Jason Varga, Dwayne Robbins, and of course Nicholas J Johnson himself. It was one of the best Catchpenny Clubs so far and almost everyone was saying they'd be back to catch more shows during the Magic Festival!