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Magic Festival Day 4 - the day I nearly suffocated to death

Magic Festival Day 3

What a day!

This morning I was woken by 'A Current Affair' looking for Nicholas Johnson (who was on JJJ radio at the time) because they desperately wanted him to appear on tonight's show. Eventually it was all sorted out.

And JJJ kept talking about the Dream Prediction last night. You can read their thoughts HERE.

At the Town Hall it was all frantic because we had SEVEN shows today. The first two were 'Wizards of Aus' the 11am was sold out, and the 2pm was almost sold out but by far the most enthusiastic audience we've had... or maybe we're just getting into the rhythm of the show.

We had to do some rigging for the Razorblades show, plus Sue-Anne had to race out to buy gaffa tape, and we had to go over the complex lighting, video, and riggin cues for the show all before Clow Wars started at 6pm.

Scamtastic was on at 7.30pm and we had to add extra chairs to cope with the demand for tickets.

Next up was MagiComedy at 8.30pm with Mat Unwin, Sue-Anne and Anthony DeMasi. I heard a lot of laughter from the dressing room, but I was too stressed out thinking about my show at 9.30pm to really relax and watch them.

MagiComedy finished at 9.25 and our turn around was rushed as we set for Razorblades, but we had the audience in at 9.48pm - we'lll do better tomorrow!

As for the show, it started off well with the Razorblade eating, but the crowd was very quiet. Later they all said they enjoyed the show, but really didn't know how to react. The trap trick was fine, the thread through the neck was good, but the Needle Thru Arm failed (again!) and Fleshwound was ok, but the knife through finger jammed and I couldn't get the blade open... aaaarrrghh!!! (I guess I wasn't too lucky tonight!)

The Rings was ok but clumsy but the show was totally redeemed by INSANITY and the chain escape at the end. The room was filled with palpable tension.

Tomorrow night we'll insist people sit in the front three rows only, and reblock one or two pieces and I'm sure it will be back on track.

That's the beauty of a Festival like this. Ticket prices are low and we can experiment, try different twists and tweaks night after night, finessing new ideas and polishing potential diamonds.

Not much time for sleep tonight... it's up early again tomorrow for two big 'Wizards of Aus' shows and then it's off to the city to buy better blood! (I think my stock from earlier this year has congealed!)