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Magic Festival Day 5

This morning's offer in THE AGE of 12 free family passes to the show 'MagiComedy' resulted in over 100 people emailing in eager to nab them! Magic is still a pretty good drawcard here in Melbourne!

Tonight's 'SCAMTASTIC' is a good example of that, it's totally SOLD OUT, and the last show, tomorrow night, is almost full, so go online at and book your tix NOW!

'MagiComedy', at 8.30pm tonight still has some seats available at the door, so come on down and catch Mat Unwin, Sue-Anne Webster and special guest HARRY HOUDIDN'T in action.

Then stay on at 9.30pm for 'Something About Needles & Razorblades' with me. See if I manage to cheat death again!


Wow! What a GREAT night for Magic!

Tom Stevens and Troy Piccone said they had a sensational final Clown Wars show. This short season of five performances has been absolutely invaluable to them in creating a very commercial show.

Scamtastic was sold out and Nicholas not only killed, but he got the show on video!

MagiComedy was 2/3 full and everyone had a great time with Mat & Sue-Anne doing their best shows so far, and special guest Harry Houdidn't surprising everyone with his watch stealing and pick pocketing skills!

Razorblades, with the biggest crowd so far (at least  I'd guess) was the best Razor show ever. I'm tempted to just quit now that I've got lucky! ;) I rejigged the opening slightly (noticed by Justin Davenport, who saw the show last season and brought 16 friends along to see the show) and it made a world of difference. The audience relaxed, realising they were allowed to sit back and respond.

I'm looking forward to having tomorrow morning off, maybe sleeping in, and just doing one show tomorrow night... well, after Sue-Anne does 'MagiComedy'... which will be immediately after she does 90 mins of Jeannie strolling magic for Channel 7 at the MCG... well.. we'll sleep in a little... I'm glad Sunday is a day of rest!