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Magic Festival Day 7

Magic Festival Day 6

It was AFL Grand Final day today, so we didn't schedule any shows until this evening, and even then we thought it was a bad night to do theatre. But 'Scamtastic' was a total sell-out with people turned away at the door!

MagiComedy had a good crowd at 50% capacity, and again it was great to see Harry Houdidn't in action - maybe we'll get a full 50 min show from him next year!  ;) (MagiComedy got a review in 'The Groggy Squirrel')

'Needles & Razorblades' had a very small crowd though, only 11 people so at one point there were more people on stage than in the audience! Thankfully though, they all enjoyed the show, despite the fact that the Needle Through Arm didn't work at all... in other words, it didn't go through my skin... those who do the effect can feel my pain. How did I get through it? I just carried on as if everything was happening as usual, I just didn't show my arm to the audience. It must have been a convincing display because at the end of it I got a round of applause even though nothing actually happened.

Last night was the first (and only) night that every single trick in the show worked perfectly. The ones that give me the most trouble are 'Needle Through Arm' and 'Fleshwound'. If they want to stay in the show, they'd better get their acts together! Only 4 more chances!!!