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Sue-Anne and I just got back from an early morning interview on LIGHTFM's breakfast show with Luke & Susie. The energy those two have so early is so uplifting!

As usual, it was a whole lot of fun in the studio and during our spot from 7.30am to 8.00am we tried to make our magic as topical and spontaneous as possible. It was "barefoot Monday" so when they asked me to take my shoes off... you guessed it... I took my breakfast out of my shoe including a muesli bar and a bottle of juice.

Sue-Anne gave them a sample of our 'WIZARDS OF AUS' show by having a card rise in Susie's hand - which really got a great reaction - and because the big news on the show was that Susie was pregnant, I predicted the baby's name and left Luke stunned that I'd been able to "read his mind".

The spot was video taped and will appear on the LIGHTFM website in a few days. Sue-Anne and I will return to LIGHTFM Wedesday afternoon with Cassie and Leroy on 'The Buzz'.