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Victorian Tourism Centre Chapter 49: The rebirth of the phoenix

After only a few years of mass fax spam, harrassing telemarketing, selling consumers accommodation vouchers which don't work, selling consumers discount cards that aren't accepted anywhere, and taking consumers money without giving them anything at all, the Victorian Tourism Centre has been pounced upon by the fast-acting Consumer Affairs Victoria.

As you'll read here, the CAV have come down with the full brunt of the law and forced the VTC to change their name.

That's it.

Apparently, taking money under false pretences is okay, but don't you DARE try presenting yourself as a government agency!

Tourism and Major Events Minister Tim Holding said: "I am pleased that Consumer Affairs Victoria has taken this action as many people have written to me after purchasing accommodation through the Victorian Tourism Centre thinking they were receiving advice from Tourism Victoria."

Actually, most people wrote to CAV complaining that they purchased accommodation vouchers and received nothing.

"I have the same problem as Jamie. I was sucked into buying a discount card and told it would be 5 days before I received it, 2 weeks later, nothing. I don't have a number to contact them, has anyone. The money has come out of my account so I wish to chase this up. "

You can go here and read hundreds of posts just like this.

As a matter of fact, this post is the most helpful of all:

Victorian Tourism Centre
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A quick trip to the website shows they haven't changed their ways at all. On their Contacts Page they are letting people know they won't be answering any complaints or requests for refunds.

Contact Us

Dear customers, we are currently facing a technical problem and you might have some difficulties getting through to us. Kindly email us your enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Make My Holidays – Level 28
303 Collins Street, Melbourne
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Ph: 1300 132 758
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