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Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Good one Goodwin!

Brendan Croft alerted us to this bizarre clip from master escapist Jonathan Goodwin:

This video chronicles the execution of a live and unauthorised stunt 150m from The Houses of Parliament, directly opposite The London Eye and 100m from the London Territorial Police Headquarters. This was not a typical PR crowd gathering exercise but more a 'just to see if they could get away with it' stunt.

Vernon Gibson and his crew chose to quickly manoeuvre escapologist Jonathan Goodwin into place at 4.30am on Victoria Embankment just 150m from Big Ben. The only problem was that most of Jonathan's body was set hard into a large 4ft square block of concrete weighing over 1.5 Tonnes....and he hadn't EVER tried this before.

Jonathan is now in a race against time to escape before the day is out, or before the authorities (Metropolitan Police, MOD, Westminster council) notice what the hell they're up to and decide to take serious action.

Will Vernon, Jonathan and their crew succeed in completing the 'one-off' feat OR do they get caught, arrested, fined and/or thrown in prison cells