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Visitor Just saw 'The Visitor' at the movies today. It's had excellent reviews and I was totally bored out of my mind.

The main problem is the plot - SPOILERS AHEAD!

A professor goes to his New York apartment and finds a couple living in it, having illegally rented it from some guy called Ivan. What does he do? He doesn't call the police, change his locks or try to track down Ivan... he let's them stay. He becomes friends with them, then one is arrested and it's discovered he's an illegal immigrant. He's put into detention and the professor is aghast at the unfairness of the system, after all, he's such a nice man. However, as he's in the USA illegally he eventually gets deported and that's that.

The plot is very slow to unfold, very little happens, but it seems the film maker thinks we should see the injustice in the USA's detention system for illegal immigrants. Sorry. I realise he was a great guy, but he was in the USA illegally.

People who LOVE this film on the IMDb rave about it's characters and realistic writing, and mow down anyone who criticises it telling them to go "take a course in how to watch a movie". 

I have taken such courses at film school. The characters were unappealling and two dimensional, (bored professor, happy go lucky Syrian, anxious girlfriend, devoted mother) the dialogue was unispired, and the plot slow moving and predictable. The overall result was a preachy movie that tried to criticise a system that sent illegal immigrants back to their own countries instead of just letting them all stay...

I'll stick to WALL-E, now that's a movie!