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Magic Festival - Day 10

Wednesday at The Melbourne Festival featured SIX shows!

9.30am was Kikkii's Magic Wishes. The show is getting better every time they perform it, which is exactly what the festival is all about! Creating, improving, developing and moving magic forward. Tammii arrived buzzing with ideas for Jason's future hypnosis shows too. It's so good to see performers contributing and sharing ideas, workshopping and brainstorming with each other to help and improve their shows. (Thanks for the pics Jason!)


Jason Varga during HYPSKITS

11am and 2pm Sue-Anne and I did 'The Wizards of Aus'. The 11am crowd was absolutely buzzing. They clapped along with 'Cartoon Heroes', applauded Alphonso as he got into the carboard box for the 'Samurai Sword Box of Doom', and were just, in general, overexcited by the show. We loved it! Even though the 2pm only had 4 people booked in, we must have had about 40 in the end. A great day of family fun!


Tim & Sue-Anne levitating Jason Varga's daughter in 'The Wizards of Aus'

7.30pm it was Barry Govan with 'Heads I Win, Tails You Lose'. Standing at a poker table with the big screen showing everything in close up, Barry's skills were showcased superbly. People were literally gasping at what he could do with a deck of cards. He had so much to show, but after 55 minutes he just had to stop. Don't worry though, he'll be back next year with a longer show - you can't get too much Barry!

8.30pm and MagiComedy featured the debut of Lee Cohen solo as Trixie. She began trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat, but got a dove instead. After enlisting the help of an audience member, she managed to "clone" a rabbit from a rabbit foot - though it was so tiny you might have been excused for thinking it was a guinea pig with fake ears... then suddenly it expanded to a full size bunny. With her quick lines and comic timing, Trixie was a certified hit.

9.30pm and it was time for Razorblades (of course, at 9.30pm MagiComedy was just finishing... so we started about 15 minutes late). We only had sold 1 ticket when I checked at 7pm, but in the end we must have had at least 30 in the audience (including two guys who have seen the show at least three times each before!) I have added a few changes to the show since last Saturday, and they went over very, very well. The show is getting excellent responses - but where on earth am I ever going to do it other than a Festival? Oh well, the creation process is it's own reward!  ;)