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Mirror, mirror on the wall...


We've been ignoring the rebirth of the 'Masked Magician' franchise as an all-new series has been airing in the USA on the tiny cable channel 'My Network', but I just read an interesting snippet of "insider goss" that I think all magicians and especially magic dealers need to think very carefully about.

"I have just returned from a trade show in Cannes. It is for the TV industry and they were selling the MM show on a trade stand and I spoke with someone who new a lot about the show. He thought I was working for the BBC and was happy to share info. It seems that the show has been re commissioned due to the success of the original series being repeated on the MyNetworkTV station. He boasted to me that the show has saved the network and as a result they ordered another thirteen shows and a project that was dead was suddenly revitalised.

The guy I spoke to was from a company called ‘Alfred Haber’ and it was him that told me that although they have numerous magicians working behind the camera, the MM is only a Dancer to ensure a theatrical performance. I also asked him how they were able to reveal the secrets and he explained that anyone can buy illusions if you know where to look. He said that they have bought illusions from some very well known magicians but they were never sold with any sort of contract that limits the use or exposure!"


So there you have it.

Now you know exactly who is responsible for the Masked Magician... we are.

Jim Steinmeyer has famously said "Magicians guard an empty vault." Maybe if we had bothered to lock it in the first place, it wouldn't have been emptied so easily...