Another magic week in Melbourne
Even magicians can be surprised...

Mitcham Magic

Just back from an enjoyable night of entertainment at Mitcham Magic.

The Mitcham RSL was bustling with families enjoying a meal together in the bistro eager to get inside and see some magic. There was even a large group of Scouts who were making a night of it.

Nick Morton hosted the show, and kicked off by introducing "The owner of The Magic Store and expert Cardician" Kamal Bhushan. Kamal performed a series of very strong card effects, demonstrating his "super powers" including instant memory, x-ray vision, and super hearing. It was a nice presentational element and the audience were very impressed by his material.

Fifi the French Maid (Hazel Brock) was next, with a brief interlude of juggling to music. It's a nice act where she incorporates her broom and mop as she juggles with balls.

Next was a 20 minute break and then Nick kicked of Act 2 with a series of mentalism routines including several book tests and a phone book test that was the big topic of discussion with the audience after the show. They simply couldn't fathom any possible method.

The final act was Alex De La Rambelje with a variety of magic including an interesting rope routine, invisible deck, chop cup and a nice card manipulation set to Rhapsody in Blue. Alex was introduced as the winner of the ASM's close up competition.

The show finished just after 9pm but people hung around chatting until after the RSL closed at 10pm. It was good to catch up with a lot of old and new friends and to sit back, relax, and watch some magic.