FISM 2009 - The World Chumpionships of Magic!
Another magic week in Melbourne

Movie Update

Quick update for those fellow cinephiles who enjoy the odd flick or two.

Young Just back from 'Young At Heart', a wonderful uplifting documentary about a group of singers, average age 80, who have stolen the hearts of audiences all over the world with their enthusiasm for life and their rather unexpected songlist. Definitely recommended!

Journey 'Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D' is a fun popcorn action flick starring Brendan Fraser, but don't make the mistake Nicholas Johnson made, not all cinemas are screening it in 3D. Some of the effects are quite effective in 3D, but as we know effects do not a movie make. So if you're willing to check your brain at the door and sit back for some wacky yo-yos and extendable tape measures "comingatya" you'll enjoy this one.

Burn 'Burn After Reading' is a comedy from the talented Coen Brothers that generates laughs from the most unexpected places. Lots of laughs. The writing i so sharp and smart, you notice it, and the performances from Brad Pitt, George Clooney and John Malkovich are outstanding. It's got twists, murders, action, romance and did I mention laughs?

Body 'Body of Lies' with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio is an intriguing film. Both of the stars turned in excellent performances, especially Crowe's portrayal of (metaphorically) America. Ridley Scott's direction was on par with last year's 'American Gangster', but I still don't know whether I liked the film or not... it certainly reverberates.

Eagle 'Eagle Eye', on the other hand, is a film as ridiculous as it's plot. Steven Spielberg had the original story idea, some say he was going to use it for another project, but he handed the idea over when he decided not to direct it. The concept is that "they" can track anyone, anywhere in the world. They can listen to you through your mobile phone, even when it's off, they can watch you on any security camera and kill you by remotely causing electric wires to fall on you. It has a lot of action and intrigue going for it, but the plot holes were just a little too big for me to avoid falling through.