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Optus - Nothing Like A Prompt Response!


I received an email from Optus yesterday:

Dear Mr. Tim Ellis

Thank you for your email enquiry.

I must apologise for the late response to your email but we currently clearing an email backlog.

Some Business customers are not able to access the website to view their bills at present. We are working on a Business Solution and it should be resolved by mid to end November 2008.

If we can be of further assistance, please call SMB Mobile Customer Service on 133 343, or respond to this email.



SMB Mobile Support Services

This is in response to an email I sent to them in late August. I'd been told by Optus to go online to view my bill (in order to prove they'd really credited $300 into my account). The website would not allow me to view my bill. I emailed them using the contact form on their website.

This email is their prompt response... over 60 days later.

I wonder how long it's going to take before Optus deals with the fictitious 'administrative fee' they added to my latest bill? I contacted the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman and they gave me the special 1300 135 014 number for "high level complaints". I'll call at 9am and update my progress here.


UPDATE: Oct 14, 9.15am. I called the special number and, after chuckling to myself when the recorded greeting recommended I contact them via the Optus website, I actually got through to a real person - no waiting time at all! (Very different to this person's experience). The person on the other end of the line was courteous, sympathetic, and sounded genuinely concerned. It was as though I was talking to a completely different company. He said he was logging the complaint and an "Executive" would be in contact with me within five working days. (I hope their "working days" are different from the Telechoice "working days". They said they'd get back to me within "two working days" on May 19 and I still haven't heard a peep!)


UPDATE: Oct 17, 11.45am. I got a call from Pam at Optus Customer Service. She'd looked into the "Administration Fee" and was totally unable to find out what it was for. I pointed out that the only way it could appear on my bill is if someone from Optus put it there, and I'd love to know why, but it seems like a dead end. She offered to reverse the "Administration Fee" and, as a "sorry", to give me free phone rental for the next three months. I also told her about the 'Insurance' I was being charged, which I hadn't wanted, and she discovered I'd been charged for the last six months, and offered to reverse that too. Now I have a direct phone contact to her, and I told her I'd give Optus one last chance and if they messed anything else up I will cancel my contract without penalties.