Christmas Gift Suggestions - Books
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Christmas Gift Suggestions - Kris Kringles

One of the most challenging aspects of Christmas is the 'Kris Kringle'. Those two words, more than any others, create more stress in the average person than a globally warmed drought caused by a worldwide economic crisis.

You get a $5, $10 or maybe $20 budget and have to buy a gift that one of your co-workers will love.

No need to panic, we've done the leg work for you. We visited the home of Kris Kringle gifts, and selected this year's Top Ten pressies.

Order now and be prepared for the office party!


The Peter Petrie Egg Separator

A unique hand crafted ceramic jug designed to separate the yolk from the egg in the most revolting way possible.


Rainbow Air Freshener

Reclaim the rainbow! Make Doug Henning Proud!


Promotional Pen Set

With pens from 'Springfield Sexual Addiction Center' and 'Dr Lawrence Hughes, Proctology' no-one will ever steal your pens again!


How To Traumatise Your Children

You won't find this book at Amazon!


Nose Pencil Sharpener

If this doesn't encourage your kids to stick stuff up their noses, nothing will!


Houdini Action Figure

A must for that magician in your life.


Toast Wallet.

A real wallet, that looks like toast! What more could you want?


Paper Email Notepad.

Resist the trend - go low tech!


Men's Underwear Repair Kit.

Now there's no need to throw your favourite Reg Grundies away.


Bacon Flavoured Dental Floss

After eating like a pig... your mouth can smell like one too.