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Eye contact is overrated

A few years ago, David Birchall mentioned to me that when he first met me he thought I was "aloof", almost snobby, and it appeared as though I thought I was "too good to talk" to him.

Unfortunately, that's one of the major drawbacks Aspies have.

This post on Gavin Bollard's 'Life With Aspergers' blog is very helpful to those who are interested in understanding our condition rather than just judging us.

I can certainly relate to the situation Gavin describes, and the other common situation we find ourselves in is when we are in a crowd or are meeting new people. Eye-contact is virtually impossible for us, which often leaves the new person feeling snubbed.

David told me it took him almost ten years before he met up with me again and we got chatting that he realised I did actually like him and he'd misunderstood my social awkwardness for aloofness.