Wayne Dobson in his prime
FISM 2009 - All You Need To Know


I came across this sage advice on the internet. I wonder if this has helped any magicians become creative writers?

Now it's time to sit down and write your "bio". This should be just a few paragraphs to get people excited about having YOU at their next event.

Remember, write it in the third person, treat your on-stage character as a separate person and write about him or her as you would praise your lover. If you wrote "I have an hilarious sense of humour" it would come across as egotistical, but "He has an hilarious sense of humour" is perfectly acceptable, and somewhat exciting!


1 - Tell them WHO you are.

Don't give them a realistic "warts'n'all" self-appraisal. Leave that up to your so-called friends. These are clients who are expecting a MAGICIAN. Someone who is truly beyond the ordinary. So start with you best assets and make them larger than life.

Looks - unless you're Frankenstein's monster, you're handsome, with matinee-idol looks, chiselled features or rugged charm.

Show -you're not just funny, you're hilariously impressive, you give an unforgettable performance of mindblowing magic.

Experience - how long have you been in the business? Think back to when you saw your first trick - that's when you started! The more years you've been performing, the more money you can charge, so be creative.


2 - Tell them how GOOD you are.

Name drop - compare your show with Siegfried & Roy or David Copperfield, maybe If you like Criss Angel, you'll LOVE me! You offer Vegas-style entertainment as you'd see at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Have you entertained at any events where celebrities were present? Use their names or, better still, get photos of you with them and use these on your web site or in your brochures.

Awards - mention any awards you've won and, even if it's just the close up competition in the local club, that can be described as 'Close Up Magician of the Year', or trimmed back to simply 'Magician of the Year'. Don't add the year, as it will date you. Everyone wants to know they're getting this year's top magician! (And don't forget to mention that you were humbled to be presented this coveted award, so it doesn't sound like you're bragging). If you've won more than one award, you are a multiple award winner or hold numerous international awards.

Rave reviews - Whether a client says something to you after a show, or mails a thankyou letter, write it down! These can be added to your review file. Even the worst review, "I didn't think his magic was great." can be shortened to the more positive "...his magic was great." Make liberal use of quotation marks. If you use the term hysterically funny look at how more authoritative it looks with quotation marks "hysterically funny". It appears as though it's what someone else actually said about your show.

Charities - everyone loves celebrities who champion good causes. Do you donate to any charities? Mention that you support them. Have you done shows where money was raised for a charity? Mention the charity and, if they raised a large amount, mention how you personally helped raise however much for the charity. Visit a local hospital and promote the fact that you entertain sick kiddies for free. One popular story is "bringing a smile to a sick child who doctors said would never smile again". That's real magic!

In demand - no-one wants an act that no-one else wants, demand creates demand. It's not impossible to do 300+ shows a year, especially if you count a close up session as a series of small shows. Add them up, you'll be surprised how many you do!

Television - the key here is to appear on as many shows as possible. Late night/early morning shows are very easy to get on, and they'll jump at the offer of you filling time for them. Also, offer to "teach a trick". The whole idea of a magician exposing some secrets is irrestistible for more TV programs. List every show you have been, or plan to, appear on.

Winning phrases - terms like dazzling stage presence, redefined the art, set a new standard, gained an enviable reputation, extraordinary talent, unique blend of comedy and magic, side splitting comedy, will help your bio stand out from the rest.


3 - Tell them WHAT you'll do for their event.

Transform - whether your act is good or bad, the important thing is what the audience thinks. Your act will transform their event into an unforgettable experience. You will inspire and motivate their staff and delight their guests with the universal wonder and enchantment of magic.

Guarantee - always offer a money back guarantee. It suggests that you know what you're doing and you offer a good product. Most companies do this nowdays because they know that clients would rather wear the loss than go through the embarrassment of having to come back to you asking for a refund.


4 - Tell them WHY they need to contact you immediately.

Hurry - they need you more than you need them. Call them to action by telling them to book now or miss out as dates are disappearing fast!