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Congratulations Cary


Last week, when we had to rearrange our show at the last minute (the one we've been performing on the corporate circuit for the last ten years because another performer new to the circuit has started using the last twelve minutes of our show to close his show with) our show ran about ten minutes shorter than it was booked for.

So I offered to do an hour of close up for the client and entertain at every single table. He happily agreed.

Unfortunately, I had absolutely nothing with me. (We had expected to whiz in, do the stage show, whiz out, so I just packed what we needed for that show).

Somehow, I was able to do an hour of close up for ten tables... using nothing!

I ended up performing:

  • Psychokinetic Time

  • An improvised mind reading effect using a centre tear.

  • Balls over the Head with bread rolls

  • Ring Link (I found one rubber band)

  • The Stand on A Chair routine (from 'Cunning Stunts')

  • Blow a napkin in a bottle (from 'Cunning Stunts')

What tricks would you do in that situation?